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Fabric flower bouquet 

A mid way report: I love fabric flowers! I finally had my styrofoam balls delivered and started getting my fabric flowers stuck down! I love it! It really makes keeping the shape so much easier and it’s so shabby chic! 

Honestly my flat is covered in sticky pearls and bits of fluff but who cares?! Sacrifices must be made for art!!!! 


Annnnd it’s finished! 

Finally! All complete! As I made this I realised it probably won’t be any good for my own wedding unfortunately as it doesn’t really fit in with my colour scheme (might have been a good idea to think of that before I started, duh) so I’ve put it on etsy to potentially contribute to my next venture. 

Whatever the outcome it has given me a lot of pleasure to make it, I can see my summer becoming a project to fill our tiny flat with as many flowers as possible! 

So close now! 

So this is nearly done, all it needs is a little trimming and a ribbon round the bottom. Debating whether to put pearls on the leaves as well… for added bling? 

Improvements for next time: I think I would perhaps use thicker/stiffer wire, only personal preference but I think bouquets look cute with a big fat stem at the bottom, whereas this one has a diameter of perhaps 1 cm?

I got scared in wilkinson because the shop assistant had already given me a rather brusque explanation of plier types and I didn’t want to ask her if there was more than one thickness of wire so I bought it quite hurriedly. 

Phew, nearly done!

After a ridiculous amount of concentration superglue (my fingers currently look diseased from the layers of glue on them) and paper, my handmade bouquet is nearly done!! 

I will finish off tomorrow by adding some more buds, about 3 more roses and some leaves. Oh and some ribbon as well to hide all the wire! 

Choices, choices

So I am debating doing a flower design course, it’s online and you get a recognised accreditation at the end of it. As you may know if you have read the rest of this blog I am planning my wedding and I want to do lots of it myself, primarily to save money. However my flower obsession has now reached a worryingly money consuming level. 

I once watched a documentary about how young children get to grips with the world around them, and the basics of it was that they go through phases. So your 3 year old sees a cat sharpening its claws on your sofe leg and gets curious about it. For the next few days, they want to read books featuring cats, ask questions about cats, watch cats on television, everything! Until they see a pineapple or something and it begins afresh. 

As i was watching this programme all I could think was: my god this is me. I am like a toddler, I will start a phase and that’s it, I’m obsessed. I have tried my hand at life drawing (the actual drawing just to be clear, not the modelling, too cold), card making, watercolour painting, sign language classes and the list goes on. 

My point in all this is: is it worth spending 60 quid on a floristry course to indulge my current obsession? I really want to carry something on long term and get really good at it… but when I go back to work in September I will probably be so consumed with that it will go the way of my other little obsessions and fizzle out… 

Magpie tendencies 

Magpie tendencies 

Went out to find some wedding inspiration and managed to come home with half a garden centre today, picked up some amazing bargains, gorgeous vases, little tin watering cans and some beautiful artificial flowers.


im hoping to get married in October, so an autumn themed bouquet seemed a nice idea. I’m going to have a go at making it later with some little centre piece ideas to match. Wish me well!