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14 down! 

Thank god for my mum, here is the pictures from our centrepiece making bonanza that occurred yesterday! I went and bought out pretty much the entire Taskers supply of flowers and we put the Christmas table cloth down and rolled up our sleeves! 

We now have 14 beautiful centrepieces happily sitting in my parents garage and another day booked in to make some more! 

I love that each one will be unique and homemade, that’s exactly how I pictured my wedding decoration. Next stop is the fairly lights! 


Fabric flower bouquet 

A mid way report: I love fabric flowers! I finally had my styrofoam balls delivered and started getting my fabric flowers stuck down! I love it! It really makes keeping the shape so much easier and it’s so shabby chic! 

Honestly my flat is covered in sticky pearls and bits of fluff but who cares?! Sacrifices must be made for art!!!! 

Venue for the evening do found!

We found our venue yesterday, a beautiful golf club with a set of rooms above it called “the hayloft”. It has exposed roof beams, it has a huge bay window, it has a outside terrace and it has a log burner. Literally the dream package. And even better, because it’s just opened it’s relatively cheap, for now. (I would include pics but we didn’t take any of our own and I don’t want to breach any copyright laws, I watch to many police dramas on the tv and it’s made me really law abiding 😩😂)

I can’t wait to get in there and hang garlands of flowers, fairy lights and tiny picnic baskets full of blooms. There will be nothing “tastefully restrained” about my decoration. Oh no, I want my guests to be smacked in the face with a sucker punch of shabby chic. I literally cannot wait!

In other, related news, here is a flower I made today. I had to cut up an old scarf to make it, but sacrifices must be made and I’m sure anyone would agree, it has been destroyed for a good cause.

Annnnd it’s finished! 

Finally! All complete! As I made this I realised it probably won’t be any good for my own wedding unfortunately as it doesn’t really fit in with my colour scheme (might have been a good idea to think of that before I started, duh) so I’ve put it on etsy to potentially contribute to my next venture. 

Whatever the outcome it has given me a lot of pleasure to make it, I can see my summer becoming a project to fill our tiny flat with as many flowers as possible! 

So close now! 

So this is nearly done, all it needs is a little trimming and a ribbon round the bottom. Debating whether to put pearls on the leaves as well… for added bling? 

Improvements for next time: I think I would perhaps use thicker/stiffer wire, only personal preference but I think bouquets look cute with a big fat stem at the bottom, whereas this one has a diameter of perhaps 1 cm?

I got scared in wilkinson because the shop assistant had already given me a rather brusque explanation of plier types and I didn’t want to ask her if there was more than one thickness of wire so I bought it quite hurriedly. 

Phew, nearly done!

After a ridiculous amount of concentration superglue (my fingers currently look diseased from the layers of glue on them) and paper, my handmade bouquet is nearly done!! 

I will finish off tomorrow by adding some more buds, about 3 more roses and some leaves. Oh and some ribbon as well to hide all the wire! 

Paper flowers

So in my perusing of DIY bouquets I have found a certain new trend for paper flowers and I decided to have a go at making them (I’m currently waiting for some styrofoam blocks to carry on with the artificial flowers).

I happen to have a lot of vintage patterned paper left over from my scrapbooking phase so I thought I could use that to make a paper rose. 25 minutes later and I am literally a paper mummy held together with superglue BUT I have a completed rose.