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Flower border

So I loved these so much I made a non wedding related one!! Just need to decide what to put in the border… maybe a mirror? 


Centre piecesĀ 

If you have read this blog you will probably get the (completely correct) impression I like to bypass subtle and go for full over load on things. So I am making some centrepieces and I have decided to enlist the help of mummy womble, firstly because she’s fab and secondly because I feel like I want a lot of centrepieces. 

So my question is, how should I arrange them? Just have them dotted along the table? In clusters of 3? arranged round a central larger arrangement? Give me inspiration WordPress world! Pics of the 2 I have made so far below along with 2 bigger bouquets I made a while ago. 

Also FYI I have been saying for ages I want autumnal colours but… what can I say I think pink kidnapped my brain and now I don’t want to turn back šŸ˜‚

Choices, choices

So I am debating doing a flower design course, it’s online and you get a recognised accreditation at the end of it. As you may know if you have read the rest of this blog I am planning my wedding and I want to do lots of it myself, primarily to save money. However my flower obsession has now reached a worryingly money consuming level. 

I once watched a documentary about how young children get to grips with the world around them, and the basics of it was that they go through phases. So your 3 year old sees a cat sharpening its claws on your sofe leg and gets curious about it. For the next few days, they want to read books featuring cats, ask questions about cats, watch cats on television, everything! Until they see a pineapple or something and it begins afresh. 

As i was watching this programme all I could think was: my god this is me. I am like a toddler, I will start a phase and that’s it, I’m obsessed. I have tried my hand at life drawing (the actual drawing just to be clear, not the modelling, too cold), card making, watercolour painting, sign language classes and the list goes on. 

My point in all this is: is it worth spending 60 quid on a floristry course to indulge my current obsession? I really want to carry something on long term and get really good at it… but when I go back to work in September I will probably be so consumed with that it will go the way of my other little obsessions and fizzle out…