Cheese wedding cake 

So, this wedding business is a whole new world for me. Who on earth thought of a cheese wedding cake?! 

I absolutely love it, hats off to the first person who was like “meh, were going to have a cake made of wheels of cheese and we don’t care what people say about it”. This is now an absolute must for our wedding, for several reasons. 

First, I like cheese more than cake, obvious reason but the most important! I’m more of a savoury person usually, and I love the idea of having piles of crackers and tiny little cheese prongs to help yourself to. 

Second, who on earth can afford like £300 for a cake?!?! I understand weddings are consumerist fodder but still, how much do the ingredients cost? £8.50? And then what, 6 hours of your time? So your total profit is £291.50, which is nearly £50 per hour. And that’s for a fairly modest cake! Ridiculous. 
Rant over. The conclusion: cheese wedding cake? Hell yeh! 


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