Venue for the evening do found!

We found our venue yesterday, a beautiful golf club with a set of rooms above it called “the hayloft”. It has exposed roof beams, it has a huge bay window, it has a outside terrace and it has a log burner. Literally the dream package. And even better, because it’s just opened it’s relatively cheap, for now. (I would include pics but we didn’t take any of our own and I don’t want to breach any copyright laws, I watch to many police dramas on the tv and it’s made me really law abiding 😩😂)

I can’t wait to get in there and hang garlands of flowers, fairy lights and tiny picnic baskets full of blooms. There will be nothing “tastefully restrained” about my decoration. Oh no, I want my guests to be smacked in the face with a sucker punch of shabby chic. I literally cannot wait!

In other, related news, here is a flower I made today. I had to cut up an old scarf to make it, but sacrifices must be made and I’m sure anyone would agree, it has been destroyed for a good cause.


8 thoughts on “Venue for the evening do found!

  1. YAY!!! Congratulations!! That must be a huge weight of your shoulders now! The planning really will now take off that you have something to picture everything in!!
    Flower looks beautiful!!

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    1. Yea! It is actually, I had very specific things I wanted in a venue, I kept looking round them thinking “my wedding will just look like a million other peoples”, but this place is really independent and cute! I’m so excited!
      Thank you! Xxxx

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      1. Yeh I love stuff like that and we have absolutely ages as well, over a year! So that shouldn’t be too much to take on! What’s a boutineer? Have you got pics of your wedding on your blog? I’ll go check, I’d love to see it if not!

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